Avira Prime: Antivirus, VPN


The ultimate security suite for all your devices

  • Detects malware & online threats in real time
  • Anonymizes & encrypts your web browsing
  • Speeds up your computers & mobile phones
  • Generates & remembers passwords for you

Avira Prime is a cross-platform bundle of Avira products that cover different devices. This can include computers and mobile devices used by your spouse or your kids.

The belonging Avira account shows all devices and services status, allows you to add or remove services at will, and offers an android remote tracking tool to find a misplaced, lost or stolen smartphone.

With a monthly subscription and the opportunity to cancel at any time, you will have access to every premium software solution that Avira makes.

Let Avira Prime transform your digital life

4 ways Prime makes working, shopping, relaxing and quiet time safer and more enjoyable.

Need For Speed :- Automate your device optimizations and cleaning for no-stress peak performance.

Who has time for that? :- Get automatically logged into all your accounts, and your details pre-filled in online forms – on all your devices.

Stop cursing the printer! :- Get your printer, mouse, Wi-Fi connection, everything, running smoothly – automatically.

Yes. Email is still important :- So we ensure you’ll never have to worry about phishing attacks or infected email attachments again – on any device.



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